With abundant culture, warm climate, tropical beauty and delicious Rio Grande Valley fruit (oranges and grapefruit to die for!), the region is spotted with a myriad assortment of small towns and cities full of South Texas charm and down-home hospitality.

With warm summers and mild winters, the area plays host to thousands of Winter Texans who have made the region their "home away from home"  - or their second home - for several months each year.

Dotted across the region (bordered by Mexico to the West and the Gulf of Mexico to the East) are hundreds of RV parks, resorts and campgrounds, each providing varying levels of service for recreational travelers and Winter Texans.
RedBird While many types of wildlife are abundant in the region, bird watching, or birding, is one of the most popular and easiest in  which to participate. Birders from around the world flock to the region annually to enjoy such events as the Brownsville International Birding Festival, or to enjoy the State-designated Texas Birding Trail. Literally thousands of species of birds frequent the area, or nest in the near perfect subtropical climate of the Lower Valley.

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