Port Mansfield has approximately 400-500 permanent residents, most of whom are retired, the rest being local business people and fishing guides. There is very little industry in the Port. Many residents work in the tourist or fishing trades. Many houses in Port Mansfield are owned by out-of-towners and are available for resort rental only. The Willacy County Navigation District governs Port Mansfield. The land is on a thirty years lease from the District with automatic renewal. When purchasing property, the buyer is actually getting the leasehold interest and improvements to the land. Leases are transferred from seller to buyer after approval from the WCND. Banks will loan money for the purchase of leased land in Port Mansfield. Lease payments are made annually to WCND and there are also some taxing districts to which payments must be made.

Port Mansfield’s area code is (956), the local prefix is 944. We are serviced by the Valley Telephone Cooperative. San Perlita is within our local calling area. There will be long-distance charges outside that range. For an additional monthly charge you may purchase Valley wide calling. Internet connections have a local access number. High speed DSL connections are available for about .00 a month. Consider using the co-op for your long distance provider, it pays dividends that offset costs of your service over the long run. The Valley Telephone Coop office is in Raymondville at 480 S. 6th Street.1-800-446-2031.

Fishing and Hunting Licenses are available at Harbor Bait and Tackle located at 123 W. Harbor and Poco Loco Marina located at 600 Mansfield Dr. Licenses are valid from September 1 thru August 31 the following year. Fisherman must also get a Saltwater Sport fishing Stamp at the same time they purchase their fishing license. Game Wardens will issue tickets for not having a fishing license. They also check for limit and size violations, even when fishing from the piers.

Municipal and government functions are done at the Tax Office in Raymondville located behind the Main Courthouse at 546 W. Hidalgo Ave.

The DPS office is located at 1630 N. 77, in Harlingen. Tax matters, vehicle registrations, license plates, title transfers, and updating your voter registration card are handled at the Tax Office. Voting in Port Mansfield for local, state, and National Elections is conducted at the Chamber Pavilion.

There is no home delivery in Port Mansfield. The mail is received at the building on Mansfield Drive and must be picked up there. It used to be a Post office. Boxes are available for all residents. If you are staying on a temporary basis you may receive your mail at General Delivery. There are parcel package lockers for incoming packages. You receive a key in your mailbox to pick-up your package. The boxes are accessible 24 hours a day. The Postal personnel is here anywhere between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. There is a full service Post Office at 705 E. Hidalgo Ave. in Raymondville. ** It is important to use your street address for deliveries from UPS, Fed Ex, Etc.

Electric services are available from multiple providers. Water, sewer, garbage and other services are provided by the Port Mansfield Public Utilities Department. PUD keeps a crew of workers busy in the Port. Cable television is provided by Valley Telephone Co-operative. Satellite and DSS systems are also available in this area. (Dish Network and Direct TV) Natural gas is unavailable in Port. Gas appliances must be converted for electric. There are several propane providers in the area that deliver to the Port.

There are three Banks in Raymondville that service Port Mansfield. Community Bank located at 729 E. Hidalgo Ave, Compass Bank Located at 116 E. Hidalgo Ave., and Wells Fargo Bank Located at 400 W. Hidalgo Ave. All banks loan money for real estate purchases in the Port. Merchants throughout the Valley will usually accept checks from the Raymondville banks.

Car repair and inspection usually require a trip to Raymondville. There are several part stores, inspection stations, and garage repairs shops as well as Car Dealerships to choose from. Call Beto’s for inspections and reasonable service.

Port Mansfield has a 3200 foot lighted runway for small aircraft. The closest airport with International Flights is located in Harlingen about 45 minutes from the Port...

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